• Only natural persons may participate in a CinemaTaztic Game.

  • One must be personally present in the cinema that offers a CinemaTaztic game.

  • You may only participate in the CinemaTaztic game being settled in connection with the movie you purchased a ticket to.

  • Employees at CinemaTaztic and CinemaTaztic partners may not participate in games.

  • It is not allowed to use macros or other automated programs.

  • You may only have one account.

  • No form of reverse engineering is legal

If there are doubts about the authenticity of an entered email address or name, CinemaTaztic reserves the right to immediately delete them from the database and participation in a game or competition.

If you are using a macro or other form of automation that gives you advantages over others and has won a prizes this is considered theft and can lead to criminal proceedings.

All our servers and associated applications are under constant surveillance and any unauthorized access will be detected ..

Fair use policy:
We reserve the right to contact and limit users who exceed what we consider fair use.

All the best from:

The CinemaTaztic Security and Fraud Team