Trade Terms & Conditions for CineCard

The license provider of the CineGame app - Cinemataztic ApS, CVR 37207187 (“Cinemataztic”) offer the users of the CineGame app various interactive services - including sending a CineCard. A CineCard is a personal greeting shown on the cinema screen at a specific show.

Last updated November.2022Cinemataztic ApS
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How to buy a CineCard
A CineCard can be purchased via the CineGame app by using a payment card, Apple, Google or Mobile-pay. The cost of a CineCard is 9,5 EUR including VAT and gives the user the right to send one CineCard. The amount is raised on the credit card/account immediately after the transaction has been completed.

How to send a CineCard
When you have customized your CineCard you need to book the CineCard for the show at which you want the CineCard to be shown. You will receive a push-message in the CineGame-app with an order confirmation and receipt for the purchase.

How to cancel an order
If you have made a purchase of a CineCard and want to cancel it, you must contact with the order number. You can cancel the order if your cancellation is sent before the show at which you have booked your CineCard has started.

Right of return
When you buy a CineCard you accept the Trade Terms & Conditions and accept that your right of return lapses as soon as your order is completed and your CineCard is shown. Once the CineCard is shown on the cinema screen the users right of withdrawal lapses, but in the period from the purchase of a CineCard and until the CineCard is shown on the cinema screen Cinemataztic will reimbursement any cancellation of a CineCard booking.

Children and youth under 18 years of age
CineCards are not offered to children under 10 years. Children and young people between the ages of 10 and 18 can buy a CineCard.

Data permission
When purchasing a CineCard you give Cinemataztic the following consent:

  • Cinemataztic may send your order verification and receipt of your purchase via a push-message in your CineGame app

  • Cinemataztic will store your booking information - i.e. information about which show you have booked your CineCard, the content of the CineCard, time, location and order number, to ensure that Cinemataztic can manage any, errors, cancellations and user complaints

Booking information regarding your purchase of a CineCard will automatically be deleted after 2 months of your purchase. Besides from the order number of your purchase no personal date, credit card or banking information is stored by Cinemataztic.

For every transaction you have the right to object to the collection of any personal data and to get insights to what data is collected, to erase your data or have your data transferred to you. These rights are subject to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

If you wish to delete your booking information before they are automatically deleted after 2 months or if you have other request regarding your personal data please contact