Competition Terms

The organiser responsibilities:

All prize recipients exempt Cinemataztic and sales partners or the above mentioned partners from any liability related to injuries or damage caused by or alleged to be caused by participation in this contest or the prize.

Should a prize be redeemed on a home page that does not belong to Cinemataztic, all Cinemataztic obligations will be terminated as soon as an end user has left the Cinemataztic app. Cinemataztic has nothing with any transaction going on outside our system.

Typos and unintentional misunderstandings:

CinemaTaztic, and its partners in this competition is not responsible for typographical or other errors related to competition.


By entering this competition you agree that Cinemataztic must record and store your Cinemataztic ID for the administration of the competition. Data is primarily recorded for administration of participation and awards won by participating in a CinemaTaztic game.

Raffle of prizes:

Winners will be published with first name on one of the following locations:

All Cinemataztics Facebook pages + On the provider of the current prize Facebook page.

Cinemataztic and partners reserves the rights to send out user-surveys via e-mail to those who downloaded a Cinemataztic app.

Gold Coins

What are the conditions for points, lots and gold coin?
taztic reserves the right to change the number of points and gold coins you receive by participating in an action whereby you are awarded points and / or gold coins, and resetting high-score list.

In addition, Cinemataztic reserves the right to close the Coin Shop at any time and thus cancel all points and winnings earned by users without prior notice in case this becomes necessary.

Tax on prize:

It is the endusers sole responsibility to pay any tax on all prizes won in a Cinemataztic game.

Changes to our Competition Terms

Cinemataztic may modify or update Competition Terms from time to time, so please review it periodically. We may provide you additional forms of notice of modifications or updates as appropriate under the circumstances. Your continued use of Cinemataztic or the Service after any modification to this Competition Terms will constitute your acceptance of such modification.


Contact us on here if you want:

a) More about the treatment of data,
b) have deleted or altered data, or
c) complaint about our data processing.


Provider of the competition are:

Cinemataztic is responsible for all technical matters.
The provider of the prize is responsible for all that comes with the redemption of the prize, any taxes and charges that would occur.

Terms of use:

Be fair, be nice and dont cheat :-)