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Prizes - use this option when:

  • 1) You never received your prize

  • 2) The prize is gone

  • 3) The prize can not be redeemed

Remember: Your prizes are only visible if you are logged into the app the same way you were logged in when you won them.

Technical issues - use this option when:

  • 1) Any technical problems with your app.

  • 2) Problems logging in with Facebook

  • 3) Problems installing the app

CineCard - use this option when:

  • 1) Your CineCard was not displayed

  • 2) Your CineCard was rejected*

CineCard is currently only available in Denmark

*Your CineCard will be rejected if it contains any offensive content or content that in any way violates the copyright of others

Data protection officer (DPO)

Anders Søndergaard - DPO
Only non support issues

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